Wellness at the Hotel Post Tolderhof

The Swimming Pool Area at the Hotel Post Tolderhof

Swim with a view! Our well-lit indoor pool with panoramic windows has spectacular views of the Dolomites in the surrounding Alpine scenery.

Even the ancient Romans were familiar with the healing effects of water and regularly visited the thermal baths in pursuit of healing the body and spirit. We do much the same for our guests in our pool area, with its waterfall feature, water jets, relaxation loungers. Our wellness oasis is exactly what is needed after a demanding hike or a day out on horseback.

The reinvigorating water jets and waterfall in the pool massage and relax the muscles: the healing power of water promoting an overall feeling of physical relaxation.

Lie back on comfortable chairs in our relaxation room or on waterbeds wrapped in soft robes and slippers, provided for our guests in the rooms. You can doze off, daydream or read undisturbed. This is about having some time all to yourself and allowing your mind to wander a little. If you are in need of peace and quiet, this is the place where you can relax and unwind.

Sauna and Tranquillity at the Hotel Post Tolderhof

Tranquillity and relaxation are our priority at the wellness Hotel Post Tolderhof. The scenic views of the Plan de Corones in the sauna area help to stimulate relaxation and regeneration.

A session in the steam room combines the benefits of heat and water vapour, cleansing and relaxing the body. It comes as no surprise that the sauna is considered one of the most effective traditional healing practices.

FAs a refreshing interval between one sauna and another, you can try our exhilarating experiential showers with a rain feature and lighting effects. After sweating it out in the sauna, guests can relax with a cup of tea, a glass of fresh spring water or a healthy lemon and ginger drink at our Vitalcorner. Doze off and lie back on the deck chairs in the comfortable relaxation rooms, wrapped in soft towels and slippers that you’ll find in your room.

There is also an outside sauna at the Residence Tolderhof.

Fitness at the Hotel Post Tolderhof

The right kind of training helps to strengthen mobility, strength and endurance in everyday life: training in the gym at the Hotel Post Tolderhof is fun.

With the latest gym equipment, training at the Hotel Post Tolderhof allows holidaying sportsmen and women to work on tense muscles after a day out on the mountains, or just to maintain muscle-fitness. By regularly working to control muscle tension, the desired level of physical fitness is rapidly attained.

Working out in our well-lit gym, under a controlled temperature, is the ideal complement to outdoor activities. After a training session in the gym, guests can relax in the pool or at the Vitalbar. The loss of liquids during training should be replenished with a glass of fresh spring water or a cup of tea, so that the training session can continue immediately!

At the end of their training session, guests may finish off their with a couple of lengths in the indoor pool. This protects the joints and gives the body new energy to face the day ahead.

We felt at home from the first day and the food was excellent.

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Let go and refuel at the Hotel Post Tolderhof

Taking advantage of the holistic treatments in our beauty centre and wellness area.

The Spa wellness area and beauty centre at the Hotel Post Tolderhof provides treatments ranging from the traditional classical massage, to the luxurious facial treatment for Him and Her. You will receive fully personalized treatments including our ‘Deluxe’ facials, manicures and pedicures. We also offer hair removal and exfoliation, as well as various body treatments for sportspersons. There are also Ayurvedic treatments, massage therapies and special massages for horse-riders.

Fullbody and partial massages
Relaxing massages
Body Treatments
Facial Treatments
Kids and Teenagers
Manicure, pedicure & depilation
Ayurvedic full body massage

ABHANGA (full body massage)

80 min 90 €
Ayurvedic full body massage

ABHANGA (full body massage)

50 min 75 €
Back INTENSIV Massage

The joint use of arnica oil, massage, mobilization and stretching techniques, this treatment promises a strong effect. The individual treatment approach is the back, chest, neck and head. Painful tensiones are released.

with Fango-pack 50 min. 75 €

50 min 70 €
Classic massages

Soothing herbal essences and essential oils massaged into the skin with gentle pressure dissolve blockages and relax your muscles. Energy and strength can flow again unobstructed.

Classic full body massage approx. 50 min. - 70 €

Partial body approx. 25 min. - 40 €

Energetic Foot Reflex Zone Massage

A massage of the foot reflex zones balances the whole body, restores your inner harmony and activates the self-healing powers of the body.

50 min 68 €

Intensive massage to head and nape

Chest, nape and head are treated to remove "loads and heaviness". The head is free and serenity expands, permitting to perceive the flow of vital energy.   

25 min 40 €

Lymph stimulating massage according to Dr. Vodder

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle technique to improve the production and backflow of the lymph, and to prevent lymphatic blockade.

50 min 70 €

Sports Massage

This treatment promises a high level of effectiveness. The body's juices start to flow and the muscles relax.

50 min 80 €

Alpine Herbal Compress Massage

Soft massaging action releases the detoxifying and skin caring properties of the warm herb pistils. Swept away into a world of enchanting aromas you feel relaxed and refreshed.

50 min 70 €

Anti-Stress massage

Massage improves vitality and general well-being, putting the body into a wonderful state of calm, and has a beneficial and relaxing effect on the entire nervous system.

50 min 70 €

"Personalized" massage

A massage tailored precisely to your needs. Let's surprise you... It'll make feel you good.

50 min 75 €

Herb peeling

Herb peeling

25 min 42 €

Anti Age Facial Treatment for woman & man

These Anti Age treatment includes:
Detersion, peeling, deep cleansing, toning, intensive care (serum), introduction of actives substances into the skin, facial massage, face pack and daily care.

80 min 90 €

Eye Treatment

This treatment is tailored to the sensitive area around your eyes and allows your eyes to the shine again. Signs of tiredness, wrinkles and bags are visibly reduced.

Detersion, eye massage with jade crystal roller, alginine mask and special herbs, final treatment.

40 min 48 €

Facial Treatment for woman and man

These facial treatment includs:
Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, toning, intenisve care (serum), face pack, daily care.

50 min 70 €

Hydra Facial Treatment for woman & man

These Hydra facial treatment includes:
Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, toning, intensive care (serum), introduction of actives substances into the skin, facial massage, face pack and daily care.

80 min 85 €

Individual Treatments for your Eyes

Eyelash tinting: 15 €

Eyebrow tinting: 15 €

Eyebrow shaping: 10 €

Eyes Special: Eyelashes and eyebrows tinting: 25 €

Aromatic oil massage

A small whole body massage for our little ones with aromatic oil.

20 min 30 €

Chocolate massage

This massages allows children to enjoy chocolate without eating it while still stimulating the endorphins.

20 min 30 €

Facial Treatment for Teenagers

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, toning & daily care.

50 min 60 €


Manicure without nail polish 40 € 
Manicure with nail polish 45 €

50 min


Pedicure without nail polish 50 €
Pedicure with nail polish 55 €

50 min


Full leg - € 42

Knee-lenght leg - € 28

Bikini line - € 18

Armpits - 15 €

Upper lip - € 10

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